Train 1

Japan is no stranger to weird and wonderful product collaborations between companies. We’ve seen Mos burger x Mister Donut creations, a Hello Kitty invasion of The Very Hungry Caterpillar books and even Sailor Moon girls teeing up with sanitary pads.

So when the ten-year anniversary of the Tetsudou Musume (Railway Girls) anime rolled around this year, their new collaboration could have taken them anywhere. Thankfully, the girls have gone the more conventional route – by tying up with an actual train and riding together with you in 2-D form inside the carriages.

The specially wrapped train, which runs on Saturdays and holidays, took its first journey out on the Tobu Skytree Line on 17 January. The Tobu line x Tetsudou Musume collaboration means visitors to Tokyo Skytree can now enjoy a good dose of moe cuteness en route to their destination, provided they ride on carriages 3 or 4, where the girls are placed.

Train 2

To celebrate, passengers can take part in one of Japan’s favourite pastimes – stamp collecting. Simply pick up a specially marked sheet and add ink stamps as you find them at different checkpoints. Collect them all and if you get in quick you’ll receive special commemorative prizes.

Train 3

The fun extends to the outside of the train too!

Train 4

So who are the Tetsudou Girls? They’re fictional characters who work on Japanese train lines, made popular through a series of manga books, a DS game and a cute figurine collection. Each girl represents a different area of Japan, giving them different uniforms and looks that train enthusiasts will love.

Train 6

All the fun activities run through 29 March so get in quick if you’d like to participate. The girls are waiting!

Source: Mynavi News
Images: Tobu Japan