eyes 1

Getting the eyes right for an anime character might be hard, but this girl is absolutely nailing it.

Most people will see a character they love and dress up like them. Others might even go so far as to get a pair of contact lenses to achieve the coloring that might only exist in an anime. Winnie Yap has them all beat, as she transforms her face with make-up and some skill to perfectly match the eyes of a character. If you don’t think it’s possible, seeing is believing.

▼ This is just a meager sample of her work.

▼ How does she get the eyebrow like that?

▼ What kind of contacts does she use?

▼ Can we get the eyebrow lines under our hair, too?

▼ Seriously, what’s her secret?!?

▼ Teach us your ways, Winnie!

The best part is Winnie posts a ton of how to videos on her YouTube channel so that even us lowly peons can try to match her stunning work. She’s done up over 100 characters, so you might be able to find just the one you are looking for.

▼ Dog demon, anyone?

▼ How about a ninja master?

▼ All people from England have eyebrows like this, right?

There is so much to explore on her Facebook page and YouTube channel, it’s almost too much, but if you were putting off cosplaying a character because you didn’t think you could embody the eyes, you now have absolutely no excuse.

Source & images: Facebook/zwinnieyap, YouTube/zWinnieYap