A shed-load of plastic surgery and cosmetic products later, the model looks (a bit) like his Final Fantasy VIII video game mercenary inspiration.

21-year-old Amirul Rizwan Musa, started modelling back in 2014 and since that time has had several surgical procedures, with costs totalling RM200,000 (US$46,865) in order to edge closer to his Squall Leonhart ideal. No hand model he, Musa is the face of a number of cosmetic products, including skin whitening creams and tablets. This may also go some way to explaining his pale complexion, more in keeping with Squall than with his earlier photos. While several individuals have attempted to achieve a Barbie doll-like appearance, Musa may be one of the first professional models to try and emulate someone from the Final Fantasy video game franchise.

▼ For those unfamiliar with his appearance, here’s Final Fantasy VIII’s main character, Squall Leonhart…

▼ …and his copycat, Malaysian Amirul Rizwan Musa

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▼ Nobody knows melancholy like a lone wolf mercenary, and Musa even has Squall’s moodiness down to a T.

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While Musa has plenty of fans throughout the world, not everyone is enamoured with his look and the extreme lengths he has gone to attain it. In an interview with the Malaysian newspaper Harian Metro, Musa explained that he often receives abusive calls and messages and that people will even travel to see him to insult him to his face. Where’s a gunblade when you need one?

It’s not all bad though, as the publicity has only helped his own cosmetic products business and even led to Musa being offered acting parts and sponsorship deals.

▼ Musa’s “before” and “after” shots, results he claims are thanks to vitamin tablets (with an assist from extensive surgery).

▼ Musa’s quest to look like his hero has made it into the media both in his native Malaysia and further afield

Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, we’d like to think that Squall himself would be pleased with the results, although being an angsty so-and-so he’d probably just say “whatever”.

Source, featured image: Instagram/miyyone_rizone via NextShark