Japanese umbrella strap helps prevent thefts by literally keeping an eye on your belongings

Creepy cool accessory’s clever construction makes the eye go into alert mode when you snap it on.

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“Eyes are closed”: Asian man’s passport photo denied

A Taiwanese-born New Zealander has had his passport photo rejected by his own government due to “closed eyes”.

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These (anime) eyes have seen a lot of love, but they’ve never looked as good as this

Getting the eyes right for an anime character might be hard, but this girl is absolutely nailing it.

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The eyes have it — do Japanese girls’ makeup skills hinge on one essential feature?

Japanese makeup aficionados are all about the eyes, but do they really make such a big difference to your look? Let’s see what Twitter says!

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Japanese adult site will donate to AIDS charity—if you can resist looking at their breasts

Japanese adult satellite network ERO24TV is currently donating money to an AIDS awareness charity based on how long you can keep your eyes closed in front of your monitor—they’re not going to make it easy though!

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After seeing this panda, men will finally understand why women wear so much makeup

The power of makeup is both awe-inspiring and downright terrifying. With the swipe of a single brush, people can transform themselves into completely different beings (just take a look at Ukraine’s real-life Barbie when she’s not wearing makeup). After you get used to someone wearing makeup all the time, it can even be a shock to see that person bare-faced.

Take this panda, for instance. On the left you see a typically adorable panda. On the right, well, we’ve got an image of what a panda would look like without any of its trademark “eye makeup.” And boy, what a difference it makes!

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Super-intelligent Chinese chinchilla cat’s giant eyes will eat your soul【Photos】

Hey Rocketeers! Any idea how many cats RocketNews24 has featured so far? To be absolutely honest, we have no idea either. We stopped trying to keep track a long time ago, but here’s one more to add to the list!

We’ve seen fat cats, mohawk cats, and even cats who are capable of taking selfies, but this is probably the cat with the most intense eyes we’ve ever seen! He always looks so energetic and robust with his large eyes and powerful gaze, it wouldn’t be surprising even if someone mistook him for a toy!

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Young Chinese boy’s eyes gouged out by unknown woman

Following an especially cold-blooded and brutal assault on a six-year-old boy, police in China’s Shanxi Province are currently searching for an unidentified woman. According to reports, the boy remembers being taken away to a field by a stranger before being drugged on 24 August. Sometime later, the boy turned up near his home with his face covered in blood. His family then discovered that both of the boy’s eyes had been removed.

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All the things have eyes! Japanese netizens react to nature with hilarious, massive peepers

The hills aren’t the only things that have eyes anymore! Recently, a Japanese forum discovered the “HAVING A FACE” pictures of Lucas Zanotto and instantly fell in love with the creepily cute photos.

Here’s some of the best photos and comments. We promise these will bring a little ray of sunshine into your Monday!

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