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A little something to let dad know you understand what he goes through on his daily commute to work everyday.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, on 19 June, it’s time for Japanese confectioners to delight our senses with limited-edition collections of sweets aimed at the male market. For Yaguma Dango, a traditional confectionery store based in Aichi Prefecture, this special day of thanks means dressing up their daifuku glutinous rice cakes in cute packaging that includes a variety of neckties and glasses, bringing them to life as adorable working-class characters.

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The seven character daifuku might look serious on the outside, but on the inside they’re really sweet, with the pink varieties containing a smooth adzuki red bean jam along with fresh cream and the white versions packed with a cream and whole-bean adzuki jam centre. Featuring a lucky red-and-white colour combination, daifuku literally translates to “good luck”, which adds a special element to the Father’s Day gift.

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On the back of every sweet, soft rice cake, there are a number of different messages, including: “Thanks for everything you do for family”; “Make sure you take care of your health and stay well!”; and “Sorry all I ever do is make you worry”.

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And because this is Japan, the work-centric series is served up in a packed commuter train, to fully acknowledge the efforts dad goes through every day on his peak-hour commute.

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▼ There’s no room to move with the six workers all sandwiched against each other behind the driver.

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Each pack also comes with a special “relax card”, featuring a low table with snacks and a beer, along with a cute cat, so you can give your fatherly sweet a well-deserved break once he alights from the packed train.


The adorable daifuku set retails for 1,296 yen (US$12.16), plus the cost of refrigerated delivery from Rakuten, and is available for a limited time until stock sells out.

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Source, Images: @Press