Let’s just hope that’s not where holy water comes from.

If your bathroom experience typically leaves you feeling a little unclean, then worry no longer – the restroom of one arcade in Saitama, Japan may have the soul-cleansing answer you’ve been looking for.

▼ “I just came to play darts, but the toilet was amazing lol”


The dimming of the lights, the heavenly aura, the chorus of angels… that’s not just a bathroom, that’s a spiritual experience!

Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted to this blessed bathroom:

“I think I would be too embarrassed to use it.”
“Wow, that’s actually really impressive. I want to try it!”
“It looks so refreshing….”
“Is that the toilet’s way of congratulating you on a job well done?”
“Where is this amazing place?”

For anyone else curious where they can try this holy restroom for themselves, it’s located at the Warehouse arcade in Saitama, Japan.

Between this place and the awesome Warehouse arcade in Kawasaki, we have to say that Warehoue really knows how to get people excited to come to their locations… even if it is just for the cool bathrooms.

Source: Twitter/@_an9n via Togech
Featured/top image: Twitter/@_an9n (Edited by RocketNews24)