Got some time to kill? Why not craft a cute little paper loo?

Few things in life are as therapeutic as sitting on a toilet, one of humankind’s greatest inventions that allows people to conveniently sort out thoughts and bowels at the same time. With some cool toilet paper origami in place, every trip to the loo can feel like visiting Disneyland.

Toto, a renowned Japanese toilet manufacturer and the largest of its kind, thought it would be a fantastic idea to let people recreate that soothing feeling of sitting down on a porcelain throne in the form of toilet papercrafts.

Schematics of two miniature toilet models — which also includes tiny paper slippers — are available from the company’s website, allowing visitors to download, print, and cut out individual pieces before assembling them.

▼ The Neorest AH-Type model is the slightly-simpler of the two,
achieving four out of five stars on the difficulty scale.

▼ Constructing the Neorest RH-Type is a little more complex,
and Toto estimates it’ll take two whole days to complete.

▼ One Japanese Twitter user pieced together an AH-Type
and showed everyone the fruits of his labor. (Translation below)

“I completed a papercraft downloaded from Toto’s homepage, and the toilet’s sturdier than I thought. I’m shaking with excitement.”

▼ Another netizen pitched in with one of his own.

Aside from miniature paper toilets, a variety of home fixtures like kitchen counters, basins, and even entire bathrooms are all available for download and assembly from Toto’s website here.

Sure it might not be as practical as Mr. Sato’s infamous cardboard toilet, but these little paper loos work great as quirky desk decorations with the nice addition of being fantastic conversation starters.

Source: Toto, Twitter/@puninpu via Togech
Featured image: Twitter/@puninpu
Insert images: Toto