Cats can now cosplay as their lamb spirit animal with five cute new bonnet designs.

Following the huge success of their cat bandana series, gachapon vending machine capsule toy producers Kitan Club are preparing to release a new headwear collection for cats called “Kawaii Kawaii Neko Hitsuji-chan” or “Cute Cute Cat Sheep”. The soft bonnets feature ears and ram-like horns in five different designs to suit any breed that likes to cosplay.


Within the collection, there are three “parent” designs featuring horns. Depending on the breed, rams and ewes can both have horns, so these bonnets truly are unisex by design.

▼ Kitty can be a black sheep…


▼ A white sheep…


▼ Or even a pink sheep.


And proving you don’t have to be mutton to dress up as a lamb, there are two cute “children” caps in the series.

▼ There’s the adorably fluffy, pink-eared white lamb hat…


▼ And a pale blue lamb bonnet for those who want to bring out the color in their eyes.


The cute collection will be available from 10 June for 300 yen (US$2.80) each at gachapon vending machines around the country.

And if you already have all the cat sheep you can handle, you may be interested in this video that sees a father-son duo cracking open a capsule machine to see what’s inside. It might not be quite so cute, but it’s definitely educational!

Source, Images: Kitan Club