reality 2

Sometimes our ideal is so far from the reality.

Trying to complete an undergraduate degree can put you in a strenuous environment filled with endless hours of reading that you’re not even sure are actually relevant to you or not. One may think that by the time you get into graduate school you may have figured schooling out, such as how to organize your time so you can enjoy days when you don’t have to be in class. That way you can spend your day passionately looking at the hottie from the science department, right?!


Let’s be real, if you’re a graduate student, whether you’re in the U.S. or Japan, your free time is looking much more like the picture on the right. You probably can’t even find the energy to get home at night because your dissertation isn’t coming together the way you wanted. That’s why every industrious graduate student keeps a handy sleeping bag under their desk at school! After all, sleep is important, so you have to get it whenever you can, even when you should be focusing on your research, right?

The struggle is real!

Source & images: Twitter/@asay_u (Image edited by RocketNews24)