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Two cops, a gang and a macho man meet. This isn’t the start of a joke, it’s Action Pose 2!

The whole world of manga has been saved thanks to the miraculous action poses demonstrated for us in Real Action Pose Shots 01: The Compilation of Female High School Students. The girls shot, chopped and kicked their way through glorious battle and aspiring manga artists rejoiced. This is all well and good for the high school girl manga artist, but what if your next big hit is about two suited detectives?

▼ To the rescue!

pose 1

The first book in the series was so well received that Genkosha is back with book number two. This time the focus is on the dashing men of the police force. Real Action Pose Shots 02: Body Action Edition brings us men in suits facing off against gang members and muscular men in the most ridiculous action poses you can think of. Writing an action scene that ends in a team-up double roundhouse kick? They’ve got you covered. Two detectives shooting in different directions? They have that too. Body slam, shooting while jumping, one partner flipping over another partner while shooting…check, check and check.

▼ Action poses, book two, FIGHT!

pose 2

▼ Make sure to include your muscular friend in all your fighting action.

pose 2.1

▼ Synchronized kicking is all the rage these days.

pose 3

▼ Nice position of your hands!

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This time around, the action director responsible for the poses is Kensuke Sonomura. His works include Hard Revenge Milly, Tekken: Blood Vengeance, Resident Evil: Damnation, The Next Generation –Patlabor-, as well as games like Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. You know he’s got the action directing chops to elevate your next big manga project!

▼ That time when your partner won’t even lift a finger to help you.

pose 4

pose 4.1

▼ When the baddies completely surround you…

pose 5

▼ …flip your suit jacket epicly, they might think you have another gun!

pose 5.1

Just like in the first book, there are also reference photos with the models in their underwear giving you full view of their rippling, flexing muscles.

▼ Definitely need these shots.

pose 7

▼ Could these action poses be more epic?

pose 7.1

▼ Why yes, yes, they can.

pose 8

▼ Headshot!

pose 8.1

Be sure to pick up Real Action Pose Shots 02: Body Action Edition at the local bookstore or online for 2,484 yen (US$23.85) starting June 30. (Overseas shipping is available.) Your millions of readers will thank you when your new male detectives spring into action in your latest manga hit!

Source: Chill Chill
Images: Amazon JP