There are action figures, and then there are educational and anatomically correct action figures.

Good Smile Company’s Figma action figure series of realistic and posable figures, including the perfectly proportionate Vitruvian Man, continues with their latest figure of the inner human anatomy. This Jintai Mokei figure – a 150-millimeter (5.9-inch) tall, anatomical figure of the body – features realistic proportions, fully opposable limbs, and a clear stand to help it stand on its own. Oh, and it doesn’t have any skin so you can see some of the muscles of the human body.

▼ It’s like having a science class in your room!

Along with being a good drawing reference and a conversation starter of an interior piece, you can pose this figure along with other Figma characters to play out different scenarios. (We’re not sure what scenes would require you to use a skinless person, but no judgment!)

▼ It does kind of look like a Titan, though, we will admit.

Reservations for the Jintai Mokei figure started on August 31 and will last until September 29. It’s available for reservation on the Good Smile website, and each figure is priced at 7,700 yen (US$70.05). Customers can reserve up to three figures. Just be sure you want one (or three), though, because they don’t accept cancellations!

▼ Just imagine all the Instagram photos you could take.

So whether you want a good reference of the human anatomy, a way to play out some Attack on Titan scenarios, or you want a figure just as quirky as your peeing cherub Figma figure, the Jintai Mokei figure is a great choice to add to your collection.

Sources: PR Times, Good Smile
Insert images: PR Times
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