This “Star Filled Envelope” is a gift in itself for those yearning for the twinkling lights of a nighttime starry sky.

If you’re from the countryside but live in the city, you’ve probably experienced a time when you wanted nothing more than to relax under the starry night sky instead of the blinding lights and traffic sounds of the city. Now you can experience the familiar peacefulness of a star-filled sky no matter which corner of the world you’re tucked away in with the help of one special envelope.

Kami no Kousakujo and Terada Mokei are two Japanese brands that produce innovative, design-oriented paper products and scaled models. Products from both of them are sold on the “Kamigu” Fukunaga Print Shop’s online site, and luckily for fans outside of Japan, all items can be shipped internationally. Even better, the entire website is also bilingual in Japanese and English.

One Kami no Kousakujo product that particularly caught our attention was the “Star Filled Envelope” (星空の封筒), which won a top prize at Japan’s 2015 Paper Card Design Competition. Designed by Moe Shigata (塚田萌), the inside of the envelope offers a glimpse into an expanding night sky dotted with stars.

What looks like this on outside…


…looks like this on the inside!


Measuring 152 x 214 millimeters (6 x 8.4 inches), the envelope’s online English description is as follows:

“A small star for someone special.
With the advance of civilization, these tiny lights in the night sky have become harder to see in bright cities.
However the heavens still light up in areas away from artificial light.
Send a sky full of stars to someone who has little chance to see them.
Give a small gift of soothing nature.”

▼ More pictures of the envelope and its simple preparation




The “Star Filled Envelope” comes to 966 yen (US$9.23), tax-included, although a note on the site says that tax is dropped on international orders. While that may still seem like a lot for something made of paper, sometimes it’s the little things that help get us through the day–or night, right?

Besides the envelope, we’ve also found the line of unique ‘airvases,’ paper card boxes, wind jellyfish ornaments, and 1/100 architectural model series to be pleasantly creative. See what other crafty novelties you can find by browsing their website!

Source/Images: Fukunaga-Print Netshop Kamigu