Japanese Twitter user sends out a tough quiz on the night of the Strawberry Moon.

This week, romanticists and astronomers across Japan were excited about the appearance of a Strawberry Moon on June 20, in which the full moon hung low in the sky and appeared a different color than its usual white. But despite the name, a Strawberry Moon isn’t really the same bright red as the fruit that makes up half its moniker. Because of that, the phenomenon is also called a Mead Moon or Rose Moon by some.

Now, maybe it’s time to add another alternative: Ham Moon. Why? Because on the night of June 20, with the Strawberry Moon shining outside, Japanese Twitter user @Terubou_Cos tweeted a collection of four nearly identical images, telling his follower that while one is of a Strawberry Moon, the other three are of sliced ham.


Picking out the celestial body from among the pork products is a surprisingly tricky task, as they all share a circular outline and pale pink coloring. Making things even tougher is that the shadows cast by the peaks and craters of the moon look uncannily like the swirls of fat in a slice of ham.

Realizing that not everyone would be able to arrive at an answer with absolute certainty, @Terubou_Cos was thoughtful enough to tweet the answer later that night, so if you’re ready to see if you made the right selection, just scroll down…

It turns out the moon is visible in the top right corner, proving that while it’s not as red as a strawberry, it’s still a little more vibrant in color than cured pork.

Now, since @Terubou_Cos’s tweet is one of those perception-altering demonstrations that can’t be unseen, some of you may be feeling like he’s just ruined gazing up at the full moon for you. Still, look on the bright side and ask yourself: Did you ever realize how truly beautiful ham can be?

Sources: IT Media, Hollywood Life, Twitter/@Terubou_Cos

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