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Tiny apartment spaces make these contained ecosystems the perfect home garden.

There is definitely something calming about growing plants in your home, taking care of the little guys and nurturing them until they are a healthy vibrant green. Some people like to grow flowers, but the rising star of home gardening offers something that most other plants can’t, texture.

Recently, there has been a lot of hullabaloo about moss terrariums — some have even been featured on Japanese TV shows such as ZIP. Celebrities are starting to get in on the craze with people like Masato Sakai, Tamori, Honjo Manami and Keiko Takeshita listing “moss terrarium” as a hobby. What sets these terrariums apart is that they are specifically growing moss inside. The wonderful carpet-like texture of the moss creates a pleasing visual but also makes us want to reach in and pet it.

A lot of home gardeners say that a moss terrarium has some healing powers. While we can’t definitively say they have metaphysical healing powers, taking care of plants in your home is quite calming. The terrarium also allows you to insert some adorable little figures to create a miniature fairy tale scene.

Of course, this being Japan, there are plans underway to create a “Moss travel plan” geared towards women in hopes of enticing travelers with a koke (moss) room. Decorated with green everywhere, the room will be made up to look like moss and have blankets and pillows that are soft to the touch.

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▼ Finish the day with a little “moss” ice cream.

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There are already plenty of events and workshops aimed at people who are looking to start their own terrariums, and if that appears to be too much for your black thumb, you can always buy a pre-assembled one.

There are plenty of ways to make your life a little bit more eco, but a beautiful terrarium can give you something you are proud to show off, without a lot of fussy maintenance.

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