With a four-page spread featuring the ghost from the Ju-on horror movie franchise, it’s safe to say the magazine is now officially haunted.

The August issue of Vivi fashion magazine features an unlikely new model, barefoot with ghostly white skin and covered in bloody clothing. It’s Kayako, from the horror movie Sadako vs Kayako, currently playing in Japanese theatres, who’s usually seen crawling on all fours, with wide eyes, twisted movements and a terrible crunching neckbone. Not your typical fashion model, but with her own Instagram account and a baseball game appearance already under her belt, there’s nothing the terrifying mother-of-one can’t do!


The four-page spread features Kayako on the streets of Tokyo, showing off some hip horror chic with a more run-of-the-mill fashion model by her side. The ghost has certainly come a long way since she was first discovered haunting a house in Tokyo’s Nerima district.


Kayako was obviously pleased with her modelling debut, posting a photo with her fellow model and new BFF on her Instagram account.

Fashionistas were surprised to see the ghoulish gal in the magazine, sharing photos of the spread with friends on Twitter.

▼ One page even includes a shot of her equally pale son, Toshio.


Rather than recoiling from the pages in fear though, readers were surprised to find themselves liking Kayako, commenting that she appeared more cute than terrifying. The pictures of Kayako grabbing a crepe in Tokyo certainly do make her seem like someone we might be able to hang out with!


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