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Check out these locations that have adopted this unique art project from Portugal.

As the summer rolls in and the temperature rises, many people in Japan will be getting out their long sleeves and preparing for the worst. Some citizens are so scared of the sun that they even will take out sun parasols to keep their skin as fair as possible. The idea might seem a little unnecessary, but actually some popular outdoor attractions in Japan are stringing up umbrellas from their trellises just like of the city of Águeda’s famous annual Ágitagueda Art Festival in Portugal.

At least three attractions in Japan, located in Yokohama, Nagano and Nagasaki, are putting up their own umbrellas in order to cool down their walkways and provide shade in a creative and cost-effective way. Not only do the umbrellas create a unique and beautiful scene but their geometric shadows on the ground also give you plenty to look at.

▼ Yokohama English Garden (website)

▼ Harunire Terrace (website)

▼ It may seem more decorative than anything,
but you can’t deny that they make for lovely photographs.

▼ Huis Ten Bosch (website)

On a sunny day, these colorful umbrellas accent the beautiful blue sky behind them, but on a rainy day instead of a nice, dry walkway, they probably create a funny little water park.

If nothing else, this Umbrella Sky Project will block out a bit of sun and bring down the heat just a tiny little bit. And in the searing temperature of the summer, a couple of degrees can make a world of difference!

Source: Naver Matome
Top image: Instagram/pamyu_15