Massive “earthquake clouds” appear over west Japan, entrance/freak people out【Photos】

Surreal scenes look like someone split the skies in two.

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Japanese Twitter artist shares beautiful trick to draw anime-style clouds specific to the seasons

Elegant comparisons makes adding a sense of time to your skyscapes a snap.

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Beat the heat with a beautiful umbrella sky! Nothing can rain on this parade【Photos】

Check out these locations that have adopted this unique art project from Portugal.

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Low Pressure Front Expected to Move into Nagoya by This Eveni… What the Hell is That?!

I imagine a lot of you can see what made this dusk photo of a parking lot in Nagoya a hit on the internet.  If not just take a minute and let it soak in, or if you’re impatient just read the whole article.

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More Weirdness Spotted Over Japan, Pretty Blue Strip Stretches Across the Sky

This summer is shaping up to be a strange one with all the lightning lasers, glowing squid, and shed insect skin fashion. This time dozens of photos were taken of this most recent phenomenon that appeared over the Shonan Coast of Kanagawa Prefecture.

This blue streak is quite easily explained but to appear in this kind of location is still a bit of a mystery.

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