Meet the cat who can stack it like a Disney Tsum Tsum character in all sorts of situations!

The only thing more popular than the Tetris-like stackable Tsum Tsum mobile game in Japan is the adorable range of plush toy characters designed from the game itself. Featuring cute round faces like their in-game counterparts, there are dozens of characters to choose from, and the more you collect, the bigger the pile you can create when you stack them all up on top of each other at home.

For one cat in Japan, his adorable round face and large eyes makes him the purr-fect addition to his owner’s Tsum Tsum plush toy collection, and these images show just how remarkably well the Scottish Fold fits in with the cast of cute characters!

Here, the patient kitty provides a solid base for one Tsum Tsum…

…and then two Tsum Tsum…

…and even a trio of cute characters!

The kitty is so skilled he can even balance a large pile of plushies while lying flat on his back.

And when his face is in amongst the other round characters, he easily blends in!

The three-year-old cat, called Rai-kun, also has a little sister, Ito-san, who’s equally as patient when it comes to their owner’s Tsum Tsum obsession.

Here, Ito-san shows off her remarkable ability to act as still as a plush toy, without moving for a number of minutes.

At other times, the two become Tsum Tsums together.

Whether they’re role-playing as stackable game characters or simply lounging about the house, spread-eagle on the floor or over the furniture, these two are incredibly adorable. To keep up with the relaxing day-to-day lives of the cute duo, be sure to check them out on Instagram!

Top Image: Instagram/@ojarinn
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