Japanese artist illustrates the right and wrong ways to carry an umbrella on public transport

Rainy days in Japan are fraught with danger, and it’s not just because of the inclement weather.

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Japanese umbrella strap helps prevent thefts by literally keeping an eye on your belongings

Creepy cool accessory’s clever construction makes the eye go into alert mode when you snap it on.

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An easy way to stop people from stealing your umbrella in Japan, plus put smiles on a few faces

Simple technique requires only a printer, some tape, and maybe an anime reference.

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Samurai style for the rainy season! Wooden samurai bokuto sword umbrella goes on sale in Japan

Unique design should be a hit with fashionistas and history buffs, and also hides a subtle anime cosplay secret.

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Hit anime Your Name inspires fashion line with gorgeous watches, bag, and umbrella 【Photos】

Umbrella includes romantic red string of fate, while the bag has a special secret.

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In a stroke of genius, Mr. Sato comes up with the best umbrella idea ever! Kind of…【Video】

“Look, mom, no hands!”

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Beat the heat with a beautiful umbrella sky! Nothing can rain on this parade【Photos】

Check out these locations that have adopted this unique art project from Portugal.

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Japanese association loses faith in users following non-return of 1,100 free loan umbrellas

Loan services could be set to disappear with organisations now running dangerously low on stock.

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Samurai sword umbrella sheaths will help you fight off the rainy day blues 【Photos】

Chic canvas carriers let you cut a playfully stylish figure.

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New “rolling” umbrella with wheels lets you take it for a stroll on rainy days

It’s the perfect way to stand out while staying dry during the rainy season.

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New “foliage umbrella” lets you take shelter from the elements with beautiful results

Rain or shine, any day is a good day to use this umbrella.

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Traditional Japanese umbrellas feature designs inspired by The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls

Made in Gifu Prefecture, these elegant designs reflect not only modern pop culture, but an umbrella-making tradition that stretches all the way back to the Edo Period.

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Man demonstrates why Japanese people often carry umbrellas: they make awesome weapons!【Video】

It’s true. All Japanese people are secretly ninjas.

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Upskirt umbrellas are now a thing in Japan

We thought we’d seen everything from Japan, but this is one thing we never saw coming.

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Japanese drinks company attaches free “rental umbrellas” to its vending machines in Osaka

Japanese vending machines are a great example of the culture of convenience so prevalent in Japan. Whether you’re after orange juice that looks like soy sauce, or a hot, clam-packed miso soup to cure your hangover, if you want something fast, the nation’s vending machines will be there for you, come rain or shine.

Now one of the country’s largest drinks manufacturers, DyDo, is catering to customers who actually do find themselves caught out in the rain, with a free “rental umbrella” service attached to a number of their machines in Nishi Ward, Osaka.

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Japan’s magic umbrellas reveal cute patterns in the rain

September in Japan is the bridge between summer and autumn, with warm humid days mixed in with cool nights and passing typhoons dumping some of the year’s highest amounts of rainfall around the country.

With the rain set to continue, umbrella sales are in full swing at the moment, and some of the best ones here are simply magic. They won’t send you flying through the air like Mary Poppins, but they will reveal hidden secrets when the rain begins to fall!

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Totoro and No-Face come out to play in the rain on Ghibli umbrellas that change patterns when wet

Unless you’ve got a bitter aversion to the cold, odds are you’ll find early summer to be the least pleasant time of year in Japan, weather-wise. Not only is it hot and muggy, it’s also the country’s rainiest period, and just about any time you’re stepping outside you’ll want to carry an umbrella with you.

Thankfully, there’s a way to make the rainy season a little more enjoyable, as a new line of Studio Ghibli-themed umbrellas means a summer squall is just the beginning of a Totoro hunt as the beloved forest spirit magically appears on the umbrella’s fabric when it gets wet.

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Steal this umbrella and be cursed for life! Japanese Twitter users’ creative anti-theft measures

Japan is known for having one of the lowest crime rates in the world, making it a safe and comfortable place not only for its citizens, but for foreign tourists as well.

But there are still minor cases of theft that bug the local residents, especially when the rainy season comes showering by. Instead of expensive items such as wallets and cars, what’s getting taken are things such as umbrellas, which are inexpensive but highly valuable when it is raining cats and dogs. To fight such petty crime, the citizens of Japan have come up with their own unique ways of fending off such petty thieves. Check them out after the break!

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How to protect your umbrella from rampant umbrella thieves in Japan

Japan has a reputation for being home to some of the safest cities in the world. Having your dropped or lost items returned to you is not uncommon, and the police have enough free time to create life-like ice sculptures outside their offices.

So it comes as a surprise to many Japanese people when they suddenly realize they’ve been the victim of a most heinous crime: umbrella theft. Most buildings in Japan ask you to leave your wet umbrellas in a stand right at the entrance, and people finding their umbrellas missing when they leave is becoming more and more frequent.

How can you protect yourself from these shameless thieves? Read on to find out!

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Everyone’s got his own unique set of aesthetic sensibilities and ideal vision of beauty. In general, though, guys like looking at half-naked women, and when they aren’t in a position to look at one, they’ll settle for imagining them.

As such, it’s perfectly natural and healthy to fantasize about women wearing sexy lingerie if you’re a young man who’s reached the age of puberty (or if you’re an older man whose mind didn’t really progress that far afterwards). But when you start coming up with systems to determine what kind of lingerie a woman has on, like theorizing that it matches her umbrella, well, you might be thinking about women in their undies just a bit too much.

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