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The chime of wedding bells echoes across a decades-large age gap for the creator of anime/manga series Oh! My Goddess and character designer for the Tales video game franchise.

During the 26 years (yup, 26!) that manga Oh! My Goddess was serialized, male lead Keiichi and angelic/Nordic love interest Belldandy had a classically chaste romance. For more than two and a half decades, readers knew the on-page action wasn’t likely to get much hotter than a warm smile between the two, but their slow-burn courtship gave the comic a uniquely sweet tone, and creator Kosuke Fujishima’s beautiful art managed to be a treat for the eyes even when his characters stayed conservatively dressed.

However, it seems like Fujishima takes things a bit more quickly in his actual love life, as he’s recently gotten married to Nekomu Otogi, popular cosplayer, cat’s eye contact spokesmodel, and inspiration to up-and-coming costuming professionals.

▼ Nekomu Otogi

The 51-year-old Fujishima’s bride is only 20, meaning that she’s not even as old as his seminal manga work. Nevertheless, love has apparently blossomed between the two, and in more ways than one, as revealed through this announcement tweeted by Otogi.

“I have something to tell everyone. The other day, manga artist and illustrator Kosuke Fujishima and I got married. And also, there’s a baby growing inside of me. Sorry if the news comes as a shock. We’re hoping to take good care of our child. I’ll be working hard to keep working as a cosplaying mother, so please be patient until then.”

While news of a comely young woman in the anime industry getting married always draws grumbles from the salty and lovelorn, the reaction to Otogi’s tweet has been overwhelmingly positive, with many fans offering their heartfelt congratulations. Color us as surprised as anyone else at the sudden nuptials, but here’s wishing all the best to the expanding Fujishima household.

Source: Jin
Top image: Twitter/@otoginekomu

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