One of the best things about Comiket, or any kind of convention really, is just wandering around checking out what everyone else is wearing. In Japan especially, you can expect to see a high level of polish and detail when it comes to the outfits dedicated cosplayers wear for the benefit of everyone else’s aesthetic appreciation. But, as in life, it seems like those cosplayers who are naturally blessed with beauty tend to be the ones drawing everyone’s eye. Just ask this incredibly cute young lady, who was one of the unofficial stars of Comiket 87.

Meet Nekomu Otogi, a cosplayer who has become a hot topic of discussion (and the target of a fair bit of drooling) on internet forums in Japan. Nekomu, who was introduced to the world of cosplay by fellow cosplayer Enako after a chance meeting at the Nihonbashi Street Festa, quickly found fame when she was scouted by Weekly Playboy (no, not that one) magazine at Comiket in 2013. She has since gained the title of “Most Beautiful Girl, as voted for by Akihabara males” in the same publication. Born in 1995, she’s 19 years old, and grew up in Osaka. Besides cosplaying, her hobbies include drawing and, erm, sleeping.

▼ And to finish, a rare snap of Nekomu not in costume!

Despite causing a huge buzz at this year’s Comiket, with fans tweeting her snaps thousands of times, it looks like Nekomu might be too busy to focus her efforts on cosplaying for a while. She’s actually dead-set on becoming a manga artist, and is off to a special arts college in April 2015 to help her achieve her dream. Perhaps in the future we’ll see the next wave of super-cute young girls cosplaying characters from one of Nekomu’s manga!

Source: AKB48Matomemory
Image: AKB48Matomemory