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Yuki Aoyama’s How to flip a skirt in a cute way: Schoolgirl Complex 4 photography is apparently so good it needs a commemorative publication exhibition.

Photographer Yuki Aoyama is well known for his obsession with photographing schoolgirls and he is at it again with the latest in his series, How to flip a skirt in a cute way: Schoolgirl Complex 4.

As if three weren’t enough?

The exhibition will be held from July 22 to July 31 at the YUKAI HANDS Gallery in Waseda, Tokyo, to “commemorate” the beginning of sales of this brand new photo collection on June 17.

Yuki Aoyama is a decorated photographer, having won the 1997 Canon New Cosmos of Photography award for a motif of businessman and high school girls entitled, “A symbolic existence in Japanese society”, reflecting his own adolescence and his “father’s image”.

His chief works of photographic “art” include the “People jumping in the air” and “Salaryman” series, and the “Skin between knee-high socks and skirt” series of girls in school uniforms.

And of course lets not forget the schoolgirl complex series.

Well, if it’s called art it must be art, right? Perhaps the jury is still out on this one.

Aoyama’s latest photography series is apparently “of schoolgirls”, “by schoolgirls”, “for schoolgirls”. An original work of “a range of situations” of folded skirts both in “still” and while being “folded in action”.

Japanese actress Aoi Morikawa, 21, who features in the latest photography collection says, “There are beautiful girls in the photos. Even when I look at these photos I can’t seem to escape. That’s why I want to look again.”

Who could argue with that detailed synopsis of the artistic merit of Schoolgirl Complex 4?

Source: KAI-YOU
Image: Twitter/Yuki Aoyama