Women in Japan and across the world commemorated the 70th birthday of the bikini on July 5 by showing off their beach bodies on the internet.

In 1946 Louis Reard, a Parisian fashion designer, invented a two-piece swimsuit called the bikini. While the risqué garment was originally declared sinful by the Vatican government and took many years to catch on, now, 70 years later, women around the world have happily embraced the humble bikini, and when it came to celebrating Bikini Day on July 5, they weren’t shy about showing off their feminine curves in their favourite two-pieces. In Japan, popular cosplayers and bikini models took to social media to share photos of themselves in the skimpy outfit, along with the hashtag #ビキニの日 (#bikini no hi/#Bikini Day), and the results were cute, sweet and sometimes a little bit shocking. Let’s take a look at some of the photos below.

Motor car racing model Junko Watanabe kept things light in a frilly aqua-blue number.

Yuno Mizu showed off some classic black-and-white monotones.

While 26-year-old gravure bikini model Mai Tsukamoto shared pictures of herself in four different outfits.

Model Roku Kanou showed off her curves in a bikini with the tiniest of lace triangles.

“Gurazeni Girl” Marino Suetsugu, who promotes the pro baseball manga Gurazeni, vamped it up in a number of colourful outfits.


Popular gravure idol Iyo Yoshimi showed off some different bikinis and a few of her favourite poses.

Cosplayers also celebrated the day of the bikini with a number of atmospheric photos, like this one from male cosplayer Nonomy, who looks stunning as Miki Hoshi from THE iDOLM@STER anime and video games.

Miko brings the Granblue Fantasy role-playing video game to life with an impressive hairpiece and some gorgeous shots.

Reku Momo gave the world a glimpse of her white bikini while dressed as Hana Midorigawa from Prison School.

Popular cosplayer Akira Itsuki wore a pastel bikini to go with her bright purple locks.

Until next summer, bikini lovers! Be sure to mark the date in your calendar and use the hashtag #ビキニの日 to join in the festivities next year!

Source: Kai-You
Top Image: Twitter/@sakuyahime06