It’s not every day you get to see cosplayers fronting an ad campaign for one of the annual convention’s main sponsors.

For many cosplayers, maintaining a pale complexion to match the skin colour of their favourite characters from the world of Japanese manga and anime can be one of the small details that lifts their look from ordinary to amazing.

It makes sense then, that Shiseido chose to sponsor the World Cosplay Summit this year, bringing attention to their popular range of Anessa sunscreens in a stroke of marketing genius that let cosplayers create their own ads for the brand, complete with official logos and images.

The organisers of the World Summit, which was held in Japan in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, from 29 July-6 August, announced via Twitter that Shiseido was releasing a set of templates so cosplayers could create their own professional-looking ad for Anessa sunscreen.

Cosplayers could choose between two styles of ads, with layouts for vertical or horizontal images featuring both the sunscreens and the tagline, “Beautiful Skin, Forever.

Some cosplayers chose their images carefully, inserting just one of their favourites to share online.

While others used numerous shots and characters from their portfolio to create a variety of different ads.

Characters with pale complexions like these proved to be perfect models for the brand’s skin-protecting properties.

Given the nature of the product, a lot of cosplayers incorporated beachside scenes into their ads.

▼ Some opted to add parasols to their look.

▼ While others stripped down to their bikinis in the name of sun protection.

▼ Poolside photos were another popular choice for creating personalised advertisements.

▼ No matter where the location, sunny days were a key highlight of the ad campaign.

▼ Some of the ads were put together so well they could pass for official ads.

▼ Even seafaring pirates like Jack Sparrow came out to show support for Anessa!

▼ Ladybeard was another fan, joining in the fun with a series of poolside photos.

The genius marketing plan by Shiseido was a resounding success, attracting media attention and bringing a huge amount of attention to both the World Cosplay Summit and the Anessa sunscreen range.

Best of all, though, the sense of goodwill and support for the world of cosplay as the company handed power over the brand to the cosplayers themselves is something that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Next time cosplayers are looking for a product to help give them the complexion of an anime star, we have a feeling we know which brand they’ll be turning to.

Source: Net Lab
Featured image: Twitter/@@rxargyros