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After a couple years of living in Japan, I got into the habit of sending out emails to fellow expats and other internationally minded friends on American holidays that aren’t really a big deal here. Nothing fancy, just a quick “Happy Thanksgiving!” or “Have a fun 4th of July!” It’s always nice to have a reason to celebrate, and I know from experience that without a reminder, some of these lower-profile holidays can get lost in the shuffle of our busy daily lives.

Meg, one of my Japanese-language coworkers, seems to have a similar mentality, since she sent out a message to remind us all that today, July 9, is No Bra Day. And just to make doubly sure she had our attention, she sent photos, too.

The idea of women spending July 9 with their chests unrestrained seems to have first picked up steam in the U.S. in 2012, but despite the effort being called National No Bra Day, it appears to be gaining advocates worldwide. Meg informed us that last year on this date, you could find supportive social media posts across the Internet from people who’d ditched their cups and wires for the hashtags #NationalNoBraDay and #NoBraDay.

Meg expects a similar a similar display this year, and decided to join the fun by adding a few photographs to her office reminder.

▼ “Remember, everyone, it’s No Bra Day!” she told us.

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▼ “I repeat, No Bra Day!”

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Wow, she must be really passionate about this whole thing, if she’s willing to post such provocative pictures.

Except, if Meg was really all-in on the idea of No Bra Day, it seems like she’s have volunteered for modeling duty herself…

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…instead of having fellow (and male) RocketNews24 team member Yoshio do the posing.

Yoshio’s gesture doesn’t seem quite as powerful, since for the male members of our staff, every day is No Bra Day (as long as you’re not counting P.K.’s bikini top as a bra). If you’re a guy who wants to show your support for No Bra Day, those in the know say the correct way to do it is to just wear something purple. And for everyone who now finds themselves with a spare bra lying around, we know just what to do with it.

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