After making international headlines for its strict entry policy, The Amrita has made a number of surprising changes to their nude dining experience.

The announcement of Japan’s new naked restaurant last month made news around the world for its entry policy, which clearly states that overweight customers and those over the age of 60 will be turned away at the door with no refunds. According to the restaurant, they received numerous requests to relax these restrictions and, in response, they have lifted the rules on age, weight and dress requirements for their two-day “Men of Amrita” opening dinner event, which will be held on 26 and 27 August.


The restaurant has since released a press release saying it will be opening its doors to “anyone aged from 20 to 120” for the event, even welcoming overweight diners, no matter how large they may be. The press release also indicates they’ve lifted the nudity requirement, preparing a special area for diners who prefer to wear clothing while at the restaurant. Those who wish to dine naked will be able to do so in a separate section, while wearing restaurant-supplied paper underwear. Their website now notes the updated conditions here, though the original restrictions still appear on other pages as requirements for the rest of the restaurant’s approximate two-month operation period.

Amrita 5

In addition to the updated entry rules, male customers will no longer be able to make single bookings. Links to a couple of brand new restaurant locations in Nagoya and Kyoto have also been posted on the website, and while details for these branches are yet to surface, the exact location of the Tokyo restaurant will be revealed on the official homepage one week prior to the August opening event. With so much interest in the new nude dining experience, this is definitely one of the most anticipated hot new openings in the country this year.

Source: Value Press
Top Image: The Amrita
Insert Images: Value Press, The Amrita

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