Every game should come with a pair of panties.

Sexy Japanese game Gal Gun Double Peace is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in English this August, much to the excitement of fans of cute anime ladies and borderline hentai. As with the first entry in the rail shooter franchise, this sequel sees the protagonist fending off more hordes of lovestruck highschool girls, shooting them with his Pheromone Gun to send them into spasms of ecstasy so they’ll leave him alone. This time there’s also a cheeky devil who can throw a spanner in the works and make the girls angry at him instead. And of course, the protagonist has just one day to find the love of his life, lest he end up forever alone. Other features include “Doki Doki Mode” where you can “touch, rub, and poke the girls to climax” and a Mom’s Just Walked In mode on the PS4 version which will transform the game into retro RPG style for so you can avoid that awkward moment when your mum bursts in and asks what the heck you’re playing.


And if this premise hadn’t already got you hot and bothered enough, there will be an exclusive collector’s edition of the game for the Western release. Available only via the official store, the Mr Happiness Edition includes a copy of the game, costume DLC, an artbook, wallscroll and soundtrack CD, and…a Mr. Happiness ‘screen cleaner’. What could possibly be so interesting about a screen cleaner? Well this one just so happens to be shaped like a pair of panties.


As you can see in the image below, they come in a cute blue and white striped shimapan design with a logo on the front. We’re not sure just how big they are yet, but they may even be life-sized! You have to hand it to them for providing such a cute and, more importantly, useful item. After all, your screen is bound to get dirty, particularly with the handheld Vita, and these panties provide the perfect solution. Unfortunately they don’t come with any helpful transformative abilities for when mum walks in; explanations will be on you.


▼ Check out some gameplay in the video below.

Gal Gun Double Peace Mr Happiness Edition is available now for pre-order at $94.99 for the Vita version or $99.99 for the PS4 version.

Source: YurukuyaruGal Gun official English website
Images: Gal Gun official English website