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A hobbyist has inadvertently given life to an Eldritch horror posing as a Thomas the Tank Engine toy by giving it glowing eyes and the ability to scale walls and ceilings.

Thomas the Tank Engine was already creepy enough with its doughy, pasty-faced, sentient train protagonists and their unsettling, static facial features, but recently, a Japan-based hobbyist decided (inadvertently, we hope) to up the creep factor by building this disembodied Thomas the Tank Engine face that climbs along walls and ceilings while staring at unfortunate observers with soulless, glowing eyes.

Hagure Thomas” is apparently the result of plastering a weathered-looking and bug-eyed Thomas the Tank Engine face to the chassis of a Takara Tomy “Aerospider” car toy – an RC car that apparently sticks to walls and ceilings with the help of “ciliary movement,” which already sounds like something from the pages of an H.P. Lovecraft novel. Additional LED lights cause the toy’s eyes to glow in the dark and, presumably, absorb the souls of the innocent.

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Why would someone create this abomination? Well, Nakajima doesn’t exactly say. Maybe it’s a somewhat misguided attempt at providing a fun nightlight for a child. Or, maybe… Madness.

Images: YouTube