With this new toy, cats are going to be telling us to go full steam ahead!

They say you should never buy nice things for your cat, because at the end of the day, they’re going to be more interested in the box than anything else. So when you can buy a cat toy that is essentially just a cardboard box with some spiffy designs on the side, you know it is going to be something that a cat is guaranteed to love.

After receiving a little gift for their feline friend from across the pond…and another pond, this pet owner happily assembled the toy to complete satisfaction. The images captured of the kitty in the tank are worth every extra yen spent, because not only is it a perfect fit for a cat, but it’s a freaking tank! We hope that something like this will become a staple in every home with a cat, because let’s be real, our feline companions already rule the households, so why shouldn’t they have a personal tank?

▼ Here are some other kitties enjoying the tank, correctly or incorrectly…you be the judge.

cat-tank-2Amazon/Suck UK

cat-tank-3Amazon/Suck UK

If you’re thinking about getting your cat one of these but aren’t impressed by the tank, the maker of this toy has plenty of other options to choose from, which include firetrucks, Cadillacs, and planes. Your cat is going to love you; remember this when they spin the intimidating barrel of a cardboard tank in your direction. 

Source: Hamsoku
Top image: Twitter/@sii_take