Thomas the Tank Engine

Japanese theatres welcome Thomas the Tank Engine’s newest train, a Japanese shinkansen, in 2021

Spring 2021 heralds the Japanese theatrical release of a Thomas movie starring a Japanese bullet train!

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Japanese woman’s hair turns into literal train wreck thanks to Thomas the Tank Engine’s friend

Drastic solution required to remove cheeky locomotive.
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Japanese Twitter user gets help from Thomas the Tank Engine for cooling drinks 【Video】

Toys aren’t just for kids – they can also make our lives easier.

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Thomas the Tank Engine toy trolls Twitterer, terrorizes vacuum

As if Thomas wasn’t already creepy enough…
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Thomas the Tank Engine transforms into gorgeous horror with Chinese smartphone face filter

Young Thomas seems to be pulling a cargo of fashionable nightmares.

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Thomas the Tank Engine in Ramune candy form is actually pretty terrifying 【Pics】

If you or your child is a Thomas fan, you might want to look away.

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Well-meaning creator makes nightmare-inducing Thomas the Tank Engine ceiling-crawling abomination

A hobbyist has inadvertently given life to an Eldritch horror posing as a Thomas the Tank Engine toy by giving it glowing eyes and the ability to scale walls and ceilings.

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Thomas the Tank Engine’s video visit to Japan is more Japanese than life in Japan

Being that he’s a train on an island, you wouldn’t expect Thomas the Tank Engine to do much international traveling. However, thanks to a bit of clever storytelling (and Thomas’ absolute lack of compunction about stowing away on freight ships), the beloved locomotive has embarked on a globe-trotting tour in an ongoing video series.

In one of the most recent episodes, Thomas even arrives in Japan, where he takes in the local sites in a whirlwind visit that’s more Japanese than actually living in Japan.

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We travel to Shizuoka to come face to face with the real-life Thomas the Tank Engine locomotive!

Well, it looks like train fans in Japan have something to be excited about — the real-life Thomas the Tank Engine, which has already attracted considerable attention on the Internet and media, is now in service! The Thomas steam locomotive, designed with a large face in the front to quite accurately recreate the well-known children’s character, started on its very first journey on July 12 with about 560 passengers on board. And since we knew this was a ride that would be sure to delight kids as well as adult train fans, one of the reporters from our Japanese site traveled to Shizuoka Prefecture in the center of Honshu, the main island, to see the “real Thomas” on his very first day in operation!

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Life-size Thomas the Tank Engine begins running on Japanese railroad

Japan is a country that loves its trains. For many rail enthusiasts, there’s nothing better than a getaway to one of the rural parts of the country to ride on and snap pictures of unique trains running through beautiful countryside scenery.

Some localities even drum up tourism by keeping old-fashioned steam locomotives in service, which are always a big draw. This summer, though, Shizuoka Prefecture’s Oigawa Line is going a step further by dressing up one of its trains as Thomas the Tank Engine.

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Japanese Twitter user ruins Thomas the Tank Engine for everyone with ultra-creepy drawing

Well, that’s a much-loved part of my childhood ruined forever…

I have fond memories of rushing home as quickly possible every Monday afternoon circa 1986, pulling my mother along behind me after she had kindly come to meet me from school, and constantly asking her what time it was, fretting that I might miss even a snippet of the opening credits of kids’ TV show Thomas and Friends.

Had I known that there was just some creepy nude guy inside that little blue tank engine, though, I might have instead dragged my feet as much as possible so as not to give my four-year-old self, already with a highly active imagination and a fear of anything that wasn’t my cat or jam sandwiches, any additional nightmare fuel.

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Thomas the Tank Engine locomotive coming to Japan in 2014!

Thomas the Tank Engine has a huge following in Japan. Known here as Kikansha Tomasu, literally Tank Engine Thomas, the cheeky train and his group of hard-working friends are so popular they even have their own amusement park and a hotel dedicated to them with unique, train carriage-themed rooms. Now Japanese fans are looking forward to their biggest present yet: a chance to ride on a fully-working Thomas the Tank Engine steam locomotive. Set to take passengers down the hills and round the bends of the Oigawa Line in Shizuoka Prefecture, this is a really useful engine we adore!

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