As if Thomas wasn’t already creepy enough…

When you’re a working adult, it’s extremely difficult to find the motivation to clean house in between work and everything else that comes with being a responsible, respectable human being. It also doesn’t take much to snuff out any good intentions you may have had mid-clean,  causing you to throw your hands up and declare “Why bother?”

We guess the latter is what Twitter-user and cosplayer @mtmtdondon was feeling the other day when a Thomas the Tank Engine Ramune candy package (which are fairly creepy on their own) decided to lodge itself in the hose of her vacuum cleaner, effectively stopping the cleaning from proceeding any further.

▼ “Sucked Thomas up into the vacuum cleaner and no matter what I do I can’t get him out. Look at that obnoxious face.”

@mtmtdondon updated the following day that she was finally able to get Thomas unstuck with a pair of pliers, and that he immediately got sent to the garbage bin for an eternal time-out.

The Thomas Incident may have cost her time and motivation, but the Twitter fame she received in return more than makes up for whatever immediate inconveniences were caused. The tweet has accumulated over 118,000 retweets and  almost 210,000 likes since it was posted on October 7. Some Twitterers chimed in with their own silly anecdotes:

▼ “So you thought I stayed in the garbage can after that, did you?

▼ “Is that Miyano?” (actor Mamoru Miyano)

▼ “There was a tweet not that long ago of Thomas stuck in a drain.

If that wasn’t enough to strike terror into your heart, you might want to take a look at this ceiling-crawling Thomas abomination of terror… Or not.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@mtmtdondon