If you or your child is a Thomas fan, you might want to look away.

Thomas the Tank Engine is a character beloved by children in Japan and worldwide. We’re sure Japanese snack makers at Lotte had good intentions in mind when they released a collection of sweet Ramune candy packed into a tube with Thomas characters on the cover.

What they didn’t realize, though, is that these innocent-looking faces could look unexpectedly terrifying, as proven by netizens in Japan.

▼ Lighting makes all the difference.

Besides Thomas, Lotte’s line of Thomas Ramune candy includes “Surprised Thomas,” Percy, James, Hiro, and Gordon. Personally, “Surprised Thomas” and Percy strike terror into my heart, but take a look at the photo below and judge for yourself.

▼ “‘Yay, they’re still selling Thomas stuff!’ I thought, but then I took a second look and thought, ‘Who decided on these face designs for something marketed towards children?‘”


The more we look into the reactions to this Thomas fiasco from netizens though, the more we realize that it’s not always about which character we’re looking at. Sometimes, it’s the candy’s surroundings that are more terrifying.

▼ Here’s an example of Thomas getting stuck down someone’s sink drain. Save him.

You know that feeling when you forgot you bought something tasty for yourself, re-discover it, and are seized by a fit of joy? That’s not going to be the case with this candy.

“I bought this Thomas candy for my son, but my heart skipped a beat when I opened my bag.”

“I thought it’d be fun to put some filters on this photo of Thomas ramune that I took, but holy crap I didn’t expect it to get that scary.”


We hope you felt both nostalgia and horror at seeing Thomas in this light – literally. We can only hope that Thomas and his Friends are freed soon.

Source: Naver Matome
Featured image: Twitter/@rgbyfl