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The elephant isn’t lost, he’s traveling! Just like I’m not crying, those are onion tears!

We all remember losing a favorite toy as kids. For most of us, we just had to deal with it and move on, eventually forgetting about it or forever trying to fill the hole in our hearts with cheap Chinese knockoffs.

But when one little boy recently lost his favorite toy elephant, his parents got creative. They told him that the elephant was off traveling the world. And to share pictures of the elephant’s trip around the globe, the father’s friend posted in Reddit’s Photoshop battle community, asking for pictures of the elephant Photoshopped into scenes from all over the world.

The result was incredible. Pictures were posted of the elephant traveling to Japan, China, India, and all over the planet (and beyond). Here’s just a few pictures of the elephant visiting Asia and some other choice locations:

▼ Reddit user GrayWillem created lots
of pictures of the elephant visiting Japan.

▼ Playing peekaboo at the shrine.

▼ Just passing through some torii.

▼ Can you spot the elephant in this one?

▼ “Hello there, Heron friend! Mind helping me off this rock?”

▼ Chillin’ with some deer in Nara.

▼ And sniffing some sakura in full bloom.

▼ The elephant also popped over to China to visit the Great Wall…

▼ …become a monk for a while…

▼ …and then finish off with a stop at the Taj Mahal.
It looks like he made a stuffed tiger friend on the way!

▼ But that’s not all! He also made it to the moon…

▼ …and even found some other elephants to hang out with.

▼ But even after all that, he decided to pay another visit to China.
We must say, he’s becoming quite the tourist!

Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted to this heart-melting Photoshopping:

“That’s so nice.”
“Good job, world! You did good today.”
“What a cute story.”
“This is what the internet was made for.”
“Hopefully the elephant will come back to the boy someday.”

For all those hoping the same thing, it seems like the boy’s parents are planning on getting him another elephant and will give it to him after sharing all the pictures of his adventures… and after coating the new elephant in the smell of the boy’s clothes to make him have the same familiar odor as the old one.

And hopefully this story brings hope to the rest of us out there who lost toys as kids. Maybe they’re not lost, maybe they’re just out there traveling the world and having awesome adventures.

Source: Reddit via Hamusoku
Featured image: Reddit/GrayWillem