Skip the doctor’s office and look deep into your sole.*

It turns out that our feet are more useful than we thought. You can do much more than walk, run, jump, and roundhouse kick with them; you can also use them to get some insight into your overall health. According some popular folk wisdom that’s making the rounds online in Japan, you can see how someone is doing by taking a look at their toes! Here’s a quick guide of what people are saying.

If your piggies are pink, you’re probably in pretty good shape. Not only is your blood circulating the way it’s supposed to – you’re in a healthy state of mind as well. More specifically, the ideal sole will be reddish-pink at the tips of your toes, white-ish in your arches, and pink on the edges.

If you notice a bit more red in your feet overall, you’re likely stressed out, excited, or you just got out of the bath. When your blood pressure is high, it is reflected in your feet as well.


Are your feet looking a bit pale? It could be a sign of mental or physical exhaustion. It’s common for people with anemia to have white-ish soles. It could be that you just need to grab a bite to eat or get your body moving to increase your energy level.

You may be thinking, “This might sound crazy, but my feet are looking a bit yellow.” You’re not alone. This could be a symptom of physical exhaustion or even poor liver function. In this case, it could be you just need to get some rest, but you may want to see a doctor.

If you’re worried about your feet looking purple, don’t worry, you’re not dead (yet). It’s probably just that your blood circulation isn’t up to par. People who get cold easily are likely afflicted with this often. One potential fix for this is a nice, relaxing foot massage starting from your arches.

So, what color of the circulation rainbow are your feet?

*We do not actually recommend skipping the doctor’s office. We’re not authorized to offer any health advice. Please don’t sue us!

Sources: Naver Matome
Images: Wikimedia Commons