Japanese girls spotted stepping on foreigner outside Shibuya Station in Tokyo

Passersby were shocked to see the man surrounded by women with cameras at the side of the street.

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Earthquake-resistant pads double as a lifehack to remove all pain from wearing high heels

High heels killing your feet? Perhaps some seismic shock absorbers designed for natural disasters might be the solution.

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All about those soles – Tokyo photo exhibition is dedicated to lovely ladies’ exposed feet

100 photos part of extremely specialized photography display that promises “peculiar immorality.” 

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Judge your state of health just by looking at your…feet?

Skip the doctor’s office and look deep into your sole.*

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Japanese Twitter spills secret on how to draw perfect feet: Use an 8, some 6s, and an 11

Never fear drawing a human foot again with this handy trick.

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A clever new life-hack for selfies? We take a look at the new hands-free method of taking photos

Like them of loathe them, the invention of the selfie-stick has revolutionized how people all over the world are taking photos of themselves. If there is one drawback to this new invention, however, it would have to be that it still requires one hand to hold and snap the photo. But what if you want to strike a cute pose using both of your hands, like throwing up a couple of peace signs or doing cat paws by your face?

Well, a new selfie method has just started showing up, demonstrated by girls posting their photos on the Chinese social networking site Weibo. This might just be the next clever new life hack, but it does require a lot of pedal dexterity!

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