Fujitsu Labs recently announced it is finalizing technology which lets you check and monitor your pulse just by pointing a camera at your face. The company claims results can be achieved in as little as five seconds and doesn’t require complicated procedures or extra equipment.

The technology is compatible with ordinary smartphones as well as tablets, laptops, or desktops as long as they’re equipped with a camera.

The technology works simply by observing the color of your skin. Hemoglobin in our blood absorbs green light so when blood is flowing faster than normal our skin becomes redder.

Using a digital camera it can detect subtler changes in our complexion to get an accurate reading of our heart rates.

Even better, most functions on the phone are automatic, so it knows when you are around. If you’re on a smartphone the tech knows when your face is pressed against it during a call, and can continue to track you even when you’re moving.

If you can put the somewhat creepy concept of your phone constantly watching you out of your mind, it’s great!

Fujitsu also expects this technology to get picked up in places like airport security where they can identify suspicious individuals by the color of their skin. I mean in a good way! Not, you know, the way it’s usually done now…

Source: Fujitsu via My Navi News (Japanese)
Video: YouTube – FujitsuJpPR

▼ PR Video in Japanese. English subtitles don’t seem to work as time of writing.