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Because if you’re old enough to cast a vote, you’re old enough to bust a nut.

On Sunday, Japan will hold its general election for the House of Councilors, the upper house of the country’s national assembly. However, not everyone fully grasps the importance of exercising their right to vote. With the election coming in mid-summer, no doubt many 18- and 19-year-olds are thinking more about heading to the beach than to the polls.

That’s why Tenga, the Japanese manufacturer of the masturbatory aids of the same name, is launching a special promotion that simultaneously encourages teens to let their voices be heard and their bodily juices flow.

In the campaign, dubbed “Congratulations! At 18, You’re Free to Vote and Use Tenga! Vote, and Get a Tenga,” the company will be giving away 100 Pocket Tengas. To apply, you must be 18 or 19, vote, and tweet a photo of your tohyousumi shoumeisho (“completion of voting certificate”) with the hashtag #投票行ってTENGAゲット (“vote and get a Tenga”).

The randomly selected winners will also receive two Tenga-brand condoms, so that they’ll be prepared for both self-pleasuring and mutually consensual intercourse with another human being, depending on their specific circumstances.

In an odd twist, though, winners who were born after April 2, 1998, and who would thus still be in high school under the Japanese school calendar, will receive only the condoms, and not a Pocket Tenga. But while Tenga is implicitly giving high school students the thumbs-up, as long as they strap up, to consummate their romantic relationships, they might still want to keep such activities on the down-low, depending on their school’s stance on such matters.

Source: IT Media
Top image: Twitter/@TENGA_PR

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