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Can you bear to bite down into these desserts?

Patisserie Swallowtail has blown us away in the past with their too-cute-to-eat desserts dressed up like birds, but they are taking things to a new level, for a limited time only, in two sets of animal-themed tarts, cakes and desserts.

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▼ Feast your eyes on a panda and a leopard!

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For only 500 yen (US$5) you can pick up one of these amazing looking treats from their location inside the Odakyu department store in Shinjuku or the Ikebukuro location inside Tokyu Hands. At the Odakyu location, they will be selling animals from the zoo for one week only between July 26 and August 2.

▼ Alpaca, capybara, Japanese flying squirrel and prairie dog

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▼ Monkey, elephant, lion and tiger

dessert 13

▼ Tanuki, slow loris, polar bear and tortoise

dessert 14

▼ Koala, lion and wolf

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▼ Black panther, zebra, sheep and fawn

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Those who like a fishier theme will have a better chance to catch one of the animals from the aquarium at the Ikebukuro store between July 16 and August 23.

▼ Rockhopper penguin, hermit crab and sand tiger shark

dessert 1

▼ Giant isopod, sea slug, squid and goldfish

dessert 17

▼ Blue-ringed octopus, spotted garden eel, whale shark and ocean sunfish

dessert 18

▼ Sperm whale, sea otter and dolphin

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Each of the animals are made with different flavors and ingredients, so not only can you choose your cake by your favorite animal, but you can also choose it by taste. If you get the chance to head to these stores during their promotion, you’ll be able to enjoy a dessert that looks like nothing you’ve ever eaten before. That is, as long as you can get past the idea that your dessert is looking you right in the eyes when you bite into it.

Source: Net Lab
Images: Sweet Zoo and Sweet Zoo Aquarium (Images edited by RocketNews24)