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We recently brought you news of the enticing Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon-themed menu at Namja Town, an indoor theme park operated by Namco, in Tokyo. The themed offerings were really quite something, and after spending so much time poring over the unbelievably cute items on offer, we found ourselves itching to stop in for a visit!

And visit we did. Come with us now as we eat everything from Luna P-Ball, Sailor Moon’s Moon Stick, and even Tuxedo mask’s pocket watch. These incredible edibles are absolutely adorable and filled with so many surprising details they’re almost too cute to eat! Almost…

The unique Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon collaboration menu is exclusively available at Gyoza Namja Town in Ikebukuro until December 13. There are 19 menu options in total, offering a variety of drinks, sweets, and savoury dishes.

▼ You know fun times await when you’re greeted by a cat in a jacket.


▼ The specially designed menu features dishes based on the five Senshi, with Chibiusa joining them for the ride as well.


▼ Before sitting down to eat, you can enjoy walking through a dedicated gallery space and even watch clips from the popular anime.



Going out to battle for us on the cute flavour front today is our gallant Japanese reporter-cum-dedicated-rice-sorter Meg, along with two of her writer friends, Debuneko and K.Masami, who are all such hardworking Sailor Moon fans we’ve collectively dubbed them the RocketNews24 Senshi.


First up, the girls ordered some savoury dishes. Clockwise from top left: Let’s Do It! Sailor Planet Attack with Gyoza! (750 yen/US$6.30), Chibiusa’s Lovely Gyoza (700 yen) and Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask’s Miracle Romance by Gyoza (820 yen).


They started off with the adorable-sounding “Let’s Do It! Sailor Planet Attack with Gyoza!”, featuring the colours of the five senshi.


This was the first time the girls had ever seen a blue-coloured gyoza (dumpling). These were boiled, not fried, and had a wonderful flavour.


Having lived in China previously, Meg’s eaten her body weight in dumplings. Even so, these ones, she said, really impressed her as they were moist and delicious.


▼ A supermoon of a very different sort—this one appears in front of a cloud of mayonnaise.


Next we have Chibiusa’s Lovely Gyoza (700 yen), complete with her heart-shaped brooch!


Namja Town is actually famous for its dumplings, which a number of vendors sell in a dedicated area known as Gyoza Stadium. These steamed dumplings were filled with juicy meat and absolutely delicious; Meg said she’d happily eat these over and over again.



▼ Did you spot this on the plate? It’s the Space-Time Key!


The irresistibly cute Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask’s Miracle Romance by Gyoza is an intriguing dish that instantly transports us to the girls’ animated world.


What lies beneath Tuxedo Mask’s pocket watch is just as mysterious as the character himself. The pocket watch, incidentally, is made from an edible soy-based sheet.


Lifting the lid reveals fried, crescent moon-shaped gyoza inside two monaka-style wafer pieces. The creative ideas and attention to detail made this our girl’s favourite dish of the day.



▼ Meg attempts to stop time so she can continue to stay in this deliciously tasty anime heaven forever.


Sailor Moon’s brooch is beautifully presented as a round ball of mayonnaise coloured with yellow egg yolks, while the pink rose is made from fish sausage.


And now it’s on to a drink and four desserts. Eight dishes in total between three warriors would no mean feat, but they promised to do their best!


The Mercury Aqua Float (550 yen) went down like a dream, with the milky soft ice-cream perfectly balancing the soda to soften the sweetness. Plus, it’s got all those special Sailor Mercury details!



Chibiusa and Luna P-Ball’s Always Together Gelato (800 yen) contained strawberry and blueberry milk gelato, which tasted divine. The two swirls of cream replicating Little Lady’s distinctive rabbit-ear hairstyle was an extremely cute touch!



The Princess Serenity Gelato (800 yen) is made from vanilla and milk gelato, with the white chocolate details perfectly recreating Princess Serenity’s white dress in edible form!



▼ Beneath all the creative details is a scoop of refreshing mango gelato.


Luna and Artemis’ Silver Millenium Cake (830 yen) is also available for take-out and has an adorable amount of gorgeous details.


The cake had a refreshing yoghurt flavour. It wasn’t easy biting into Luna and Artemis, but they were as delicious as they were beautiful!



Meg fell head over heels for the Sailor Moon Stick Ice Cream (680 yen).


The crescent moon was much bigger than she imagined it to be, making this an even more impressive dessert. The gorgeous jewel cookie makes it look just like the original one in the movie. Only tastier!



Even adults will find it hard not to hold this high above their heads while yelling, “Moon Healing Escalation!”


To top off the gorgeous meal, customers receive a free commemorative picture with each order.


Menu items are sold from cute little stands like this at various locations around the indoor theme park. This particular stand is where the girls picked up the Mercury Aqua Float and the Princess Serenity Gelato.



There’s a great atmosphere inside Namja Gyoza Stadium, with even a red torii shrine gate marking the entrance to the Gyoza Stadium area.


And of course, there are shops where you can pick up a number of cute souvenirs.


There are also items for purchase in the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Gallery exhibition space.


There are figurines and items from the Premium Bandai collaboration range, including the Planet Power Ball Pen Set (bottom photo, left) and the Moon Power Ball Pen Set (bottom photo, right).



You can even see Bandai’s full-size replica of the Spiral Heart Moon Rod, which sits on a white stand featuring the Holy Grail.


And Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon gachapon machines! Squee! We could feed coins into these all day.


With a total of 19 items on the menu, there’s still a lot of delicious cuteness waiting to be explored. It’s time to gather your own group of senshi and head on down to Namja Gyoza Stadium before the special campaign ends on December 31!


Theme park information
Namja Town / ナンジャタウン
Address: Tokyo-to, Toshima-ku, Higashi Ikebukuro 3-1-3 World Import Mart Building 2nd floor
東京都豊島区 東池袋3丁目1−3 サンシャインシティ・ワールドインポートマートビル2F
Open: 10:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m.
Admission: 500 yen ($4.20) for junior high school students and older; 300 yen for children more than four years of age.

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