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Theme confectioner’s newest creations are so cute you could (and should) eat them right up.

Japan has long been of the mindset that food shouldn’t just be pleasing to the palate, but to the eyes as well. Add in the fact that sweet desserts and cute animals are two of the country’s favorite things in the modern era, and the result is what you see here.

Tokyu Hands is a chain of stores that sells all sorts of items for the home, from furniture to bath towels. Once a year, the Tokyu Hands branch in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro neighborhood holds the Neko Roji (“Cat Alley”) event, during which it offers a special selection of creative cat-themed fashion accessories and interior knickknacks. This year, though, you can also pick up some adorable kitty-shaped cakes at Neko Roji.

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The cakes come from Ikebukuro-based confectioner Patisserie Swallowtail, which has made a name for itself in recent years thanks to its rotating lineup of animal and anime-themed sweets. Each of the six Neko Roji cakes is modeled after a different type of cat and employs different ingredients.

▼ Abyssinian (coffee and vanilla mousse)

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▼ Russian Blue (yogurt mousse and blueberry jam)

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▼ Bengal (caramel mousse and white chocolate cream)

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▼ Scottish Fold (white chocolate mousse, chocolate cream, and almonds)

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▼ Black cat (chocolate mousse and caramel)

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▼ Tortoiseshell (cheese mouse and peach gelée)

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And if you prefer to eat your desserts with your fingers, Swallowtail will also be selling Cat Paw Cookies, with either strawberry of chocolate flavoring.

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Each of the cakes is priced at just 500 yen (US$4.50), while 299 yen will get you a pack of two cookies. Neko Roji runs until April 22, so if you’re keen to score some of these tasty kitties, head on over to Ikebukuro. Depending on the train you take, you just might see some cats along the way too!

Event information
Neko Roji Ikebukuro / ねこ路地池袋
Held at Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro Branch 1st floor
Address: Tokyo-to, Toshima-ku, Higashi Ikebukuro 1-28-10

Source: Tokyu Hands
Top image: Tokyu Hands
Insert images: Tokyu Hands
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