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This video perfectly illustrates why not to sign up to your local police force if you’re rhythmically challenged.

Cue the Benny Hill music for this one. The poor Chinese police recruit seen in the video, no matter how hard he tries, cannot for the life of him march in step with his fellow future officers.

Just how hard can it be to march with your opposite arm coming forward? Extremely difficult for this guy.

In the video we see a young man, shirt hanging out, positioned in front of about 30 other recruits. These men are training for the Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau (a local government agency found in all cities in China), according to the YouTube video. The group leader, wearing camouflage fatigues, seems patient at first with the young man’s inability to march in step but gradually becomes more frustrated, slapping the uncoordinated trainee’s hand down whenever he gets it wrong, which is a large percentage of the time.

At one stage the trainee seems to have mastered the step and the squad leader appears to praise him for finally getting it right.

Oops, spoke to soon. Next step he gets it wrong again, and gets berated once more.

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I guess you just can’t help it if your body wants to move the arm together with the leg on the same side. At this point, the group of recruits can’t hold back anymore and we can hear muffled laughter.

Looks like this young man has a lot more marching practice ahead of him before he moves on to small firearms.

Source: TOYCHAN, YouTube, Wikipedia
Images: YouTube