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Can you spot what went wrong?

Ah, magic! No matter how many times you see it, even if you know it’s an illusion, it’s still a rush to watch and wonder, “How did they DO that?!”

One of the stock tricks in a magician’s repertoire is making things disappear. From coins to the Statue of Liberty, a well-executed vanishing act never fails to make the audience gasp. That’s surely the reaction this magician from China was hoping for when he decided to record his disappearing act. Unfortunately, the audience is much more likely to gasp with laughter…

Whoops! That didn’t go as planned. Did you catch what happened?

It seems the man’s diminutive assistant seen to the left at the beginning of the video shut a door that he wasn’t supposed to! I swear, it’s so hard to find good help these days.

Not to worry, sir. You set out to entertain your audience and you did just that. Bravo!

Top image: YouTube/Mainichi Isshou
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