People in Nagano couldn’t believe their eyes when they spotted this man and his invisible dog going for a walk around town.

You can see some amazing things on the streets of Japan. We’ve seen a man with a bunch of meerkats in Ginza, a stroller full of cats in Harajuku and a huge, slow-walking tortoise in Tsukishima. Now Nagano is getting a taste of the weird and wonderful, thanks to a mystery man and his unusual pet, who have been spotted walking the streets around busy Nagano Station.

Twitter accounts lit up instantly with pictures and videos of the spectacle.

▼ A number of videos show the duo making their way across a busy pedestrian crossing.


▼ What makes the invisible dog so compelling is its life-like movements and its audible breathing and barking. As soon as the lights change, the dog is off, pulling at its lead just like a visible dog would.

For a better look at the mysterious dog, take a look at the video below.

YouTube users were quick to comment on the cute clip.

“This is my first time to see an air dog. I never knew they existed!”

“I’ve seen these two around the 109 building in Shibuya”

“I saw them in Ikebukuro and Harajuku too!”

“I had to watch the clip twice because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing”

“I hope he picks up the dog’s invisible poop”

“I’m sure this is Akitto-san, the magician from Disney Sea. Maybe he’s got time off over New Year’s so he’s back home in Nagano at the moment”

The scene garnered so much attention that the pair became the topic of a number of television reports, where the magic behind the walk was quickly revealed. You can get an idea of how the invisible animal moves by — spolier alert! — looking at the owner’s hand movements.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 2.20.43 PM

The trick to bringing an invisible dog to life lies in the stiff wire lead that’s attached to the pet’s coat. How well you believe in the dog’s existence is entirely up to the skill of the hand that moves it, which, in this case, is done superbly, thanks to the man behind the mask and scarf, which many believe to be well-known “magical artist” Akitto san.


Despite knowing the technique behind the walking street act, it still doesn’t detract from the beauty of the optical illusion. We’re in love with the fantasy of owning an air dog, complete with invisible poop, in real life!

Source: Grape
Top Image: YouTube/Wakabayashihiroaki
Insert Image: YouTube/Wakabayashihiroaki