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We aren’t sure whether to call it a dessert or a drink, but we do know you can have it at a conveyor belt sushi chain!

It’s probably not something you’d expect to find at a sushi restaurant, but that’s exactly where you can have this fancy, cream-infused “dessert-and-drink-in-one” melon creation. That’s right, popular and affordable revolving sushi chain Sushiro is offering this “Wholly Edible Melon Soda” (Marugoto Taberu Melon Soda) for a limited time starting July 15.

As interesting as the name of the item sounds, its visual presentation is even more fascinating. The Wholly Edible Melon Soda consists of vanilla ice cream and soda-flavored shaved ice served in a bowl made of half a melon. But that’s not all; the dessert is topped with sweet ramune soda-flavored syrup and popping candy, so combined with the juicy, sweet melon, it should feel like you’re actually eating a melon soda!

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Now, that certainly sounds like a cool and refreshing dessert that’s perfect for the summer. Plus, the sweetness of the melon should help you keep up your energy in the heat too. Granted, it’s not unusual for conveyor belt sushi stores to serve unique sweets, such as sundaes, cakes, fruits and even ice cream sushi, all in the spirit of making the selection more colorful and exciting (since competition among revolving sushi chains in Japan is quite stiff, after all). But we have to say, this impressive looking dessert is quite unlike anything we’ve seen on the menu at sushi chain stores.

The Wholly Edible Melon Soda will be available at Sushiro locations across Japan for 980 yen (US$9.30) for a limited time while supplies last and for a limited number of servings each day, depending on the availability of the melons. If you come across a Sushiro branch while you’re in Japan this summer, it might be your chance to try a unique dessert and soda hybrid involving a huge piece of juicy melon, and of course, you can have some sushi to go with it as well!

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Source, images: @Press press release