Avengers assemble for awesome Japanese Coca-Cola Endgame can series【Photos】

12 of Marvel’s strongest stars are ready to fight their greatest foe: your thirst.

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Coca-Cola Japan brings out a new design bottle exclusive to Okinawa

Famous sightseeing spots come together for a very special souvenir. 

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We drank crab-juice infused Crab Cola from Niigata Prefecture, because why not

We glugged a bottle of Crab Cola, infused with genuine crab essence, produced by a fishpacking company in Niigata prefecture.

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Japanese Twitter users answer: Are you a Coca Cola, Pepsi or Dr Pepper fanatic?

The battle of the beverages has spread from English-language twitter to the Japanese net! Which foreign fizz has the fiercest fans?
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Japan’s Coca-Cola Plus Coffee is here to keep you both bubbly and caffeine-charged

Best-of-both-worlds beverage has more caffeine and fewer calories than the classic soda’s ordinary version.

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Pokémon Soda appears in Japan! But Pikachu isn’t the star?!?

The face of the franchise gets pushed aside by another beloved Pokémon and its eight evolutions.

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Coca-Cola’s new limited-edition Japan travel destination bottles highlight history and culture

Company breaks with tradition by letting Nagoya Castle bottle shine in gold.

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Cucumber Sprite? Japan was through with it before the rest of you all knew what to do with it

Allow me to declare in my best cola-nerd voice, “Pepsi already did it!”

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Grab a clear sparkling drink from Starbucks at a convenience store in Japan and get refreshed!

A bottled Starbucks drink with a bit of fizz is coming out in Japan, and you’ll be able to grab one at a convenience store!

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Christmas cake-flavored Pepsi is set to make the holidays a little sweeter in Japan

Forget the milk and leave Santa a bottle of this snow-white Pepsi to wash down his cookies with instead.

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Japanese store shares tip on storing leftover carbonated drinks, Internet shuts it down

To flip or not to flip, that is the question.

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McDonald’s Japan doubles down on cherry blossom season with new cherry soda and float

While everyone loves the sakura, you shouldn’t overlook the sakuranbo.

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Marketing genius: Coca-Cola Japan’s Christmas bottles transform into bow-wrapped gift 【Video】

We bought some of these special Cokes to see how easily they turn into Christmas presents!

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Japanese conveyor belt sushi chain develops white cola made from rice!

So, what’s special about this white soda? Well, the main ingredient, for one thing! 

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Have your dessert/drink in a bowl of melon — at revolving sushi restaurant Sushiro!

We aren’t sure whether to call it a dessert or a drink, but we do know you can have it at a conveyor belt sushi chain!

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Does the new Lemongina taste like medicine and dirt? Mr. Sato investigates

Not since New Coke has a soft drink lowered the bar of expectations quite like Lemongina and its great taste of topsoil.

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Pro: Six idols fighting over you! Con: They’re all super-powered and violent!! Soda ad: Crazy!!!

There’s a pretty common male fantasy in Japan that goes like this: You’re sitting alone in your classroom at lunchtime, when suddenly, a cute female classmate walks up to you. With your heart fluttering and your stomach growling, you find out she’s ready to satisfy both, as she pulls out a bento lunch box filled with homemade goodies and, while smiling sweetly, asks if you’d eat lunch with her.

Now take that same scenario, but expand the cast from one girl to six. Even better, right?

Sure, at least until you find out that all six of your lady suitors have superpowers and violent streaks, like what happens to this unsuspecting guy in the craziest soda ad we’ve seen in quite a while.

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Pepsi’s awesome Peach Boy reboot continues with new episode, fire-breathing giants【Video】

About half a year ago, we took a look at a unique retelling of the Japanese folk tale of Momotaro, also known as the Peach Boy. Not only was it presented as a series of live-action commercials for Pepsi’s zero-calorie cola, it reimagined Momotaro and his animal companions (a dog, pheasant, and monkey) as gritty action heroes in a desperate fight against the ogre-like oni.

The commercials were so cool that they left many people begging for a full-length theatrical feature, and while a Momotaro movie is yet to be greenlit, the fourth video in the amazing series has been released, with an extra-long runtime and more awesome pyrotechnics than you’re likely to see in any other soda commercial.

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Western products some Japanese people love: Diet Dr. Pepper, the rare unicorn of drinks in Japan

Do you like Japanese snacks and drinks? Can you never get enough of some sweet, sweet Pocky washed down with a nice cold C.C. Lemon?

Well guess what? It goes the other way too! Some Japanese people love certain Western products that are super rare in Japan. Case in point, two of our SoraNews24 Japanese writers have an unhealthy obsession with Diet Dr. Pepper. Both of them have tried to track it down in Japan for years to no avail, finally giving in to lesser drinks.

But not anymore. Something rare and beautiful has been found in Japan, and its name is Diet Dr. Pepper.

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Goku vs. Frieza! Dragon Ball Z’s heroes and villains star in epic dance-off/soda commercials

Action movie stars have often commented that performing fight scenes has more in common with dancing than actually trying to knock a dude out. So if live-action on-camera martial arts is all about rhythm, footwork, and cool poses, does that mean that anime’s bareknuckle fighters are also talented dancers?

That’s certainly the conclusion we’ve come to after watching these slick soda ads featuring the cast of Dragon Ball Z.

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