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Kaiju cuisine is now on the menu at Namja Town!

You can sum up the plot of most Godzilla movies in four words: Giant monsters destroy Tokyo. Now, though, it looks like the people of Japan’s capital can have their revenge, as the King of the Monsters and his kaiju cohorts are the inspiration for a lineup of main dishes and desserts at the Namja Town indoor amusement park in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro neighborhood.

Among the attractions at Namja Town is the park’s food court, which offers a rotating selection of theme fare, such as the Sailor Moon goodies we tried there last fall. With Shin Godzilla (also known as Godzilla Resurgence) premiering in Japanese theaters on July 29, right now visitors to Namja Town can dine on a wide variety of kaiju cuisine.

Godzilla Foot Gyoza, featuring a black rice ankle and pot sticker claws (860 yen [US$8])

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Mothra Crispy Crepe (900 yen)

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King Ghidora Golden Gyoza Curry Pilaf (880 yen)

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Shin Godzilla Ice Cream, (750 yen), which, yes, does sort of make it look like the film’s star has massive testicles

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Mothra Cornet Pastry Pie (830 yen)

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Mechagodzilla Mega Buster Tortilla (800 yen)

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Namja Town’s Godzilla-themed festivities also include a virtual reality game where you can fight against the big guy.

And if you’re looking for a unique photo backdrop, the first floor of the attached Sunshine City Alpa shopping center is being graced by a gigantic Godzilla foot seemingly stomping through the ceiling.

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All of this Godzilla goodness is going on until September 25. Oh, and if you’re looking for some lower-calorie giant monster-style edibles, this might be just the thing.

Theme park informaton
Namja Town / ナンジャタウン
Address: Tokyo-to, Toshima-ku, Higashi Ikebukuro 3-1-3 World Import Mart Building 2nd floor
東京都豊島区 東池袋3丁目1−3 ワールドインポートマートビル2階
Open 10:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m.

Source: IT Media
Images: Namja Town (edited by RocketNews24)

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