Even if you don’t have four arms, folks of all ages and physiologies can break a sweat with Machamp!

Exercising indoors can be a challenge. From lack of space to simply making the time for a quick workout, folks have had to find new ways to keep themselves active as they spend more time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. But maintaining one’s fitness doesn’t have to be difficult, especially with this new Pokémon-themed exercise video featuring Machamp.

▼ The video comes with an apt disclaimer: “In the case of injury or pain, please do not overexert yourself.”

Set to a cheery piano tune, and narrated by a firm but soothing voice, the Machamp exercise video walks the viewer through a short calisthenics routine that looks just like the rajio taiso (radio calisthenics) warm-up exercises broadcast by public broadcaster NHK.

Compared to other workout styles, calisthenics focuses primarily on maintaining the flexibility and strength of the body’s arms, legs, as well as core. The routine is incredibly popular throughout Japan, with whole companies even taking part in the exercises as a way to warm up for the day’s errands and work without exhausting one’s self completely.

It’s a first for people in Japan to see Machamp lead us through the routine, though, and it’s made extra sweet with attention to details like gentle reminders to breathe properly during the workout.

▼ Breathe in…

▼ … and out!

Several of Machamp’s iconic moves are also incorporated into the routine, but no need to worry. Even if you don’t have four arms, the included moves are easy to adapt. From the sweeping Low Kick to the speed-lowering Scary Face, fans of Pokémon will no doubt have fun recognizing parts of Machamp’s move sets while getting limber for the day.

▼ “Cross Chop!”

▼ And to end on a bang, “Dynamic Punch!”

If you’re looking for additional energetic ways to start off your mornings, Japan’s Self-Defense force has an impressionable calisthenics routine, though beware… it isn’t for the faint of heart or body!

Source, images: YouTube/Pokémon Kids TV Japan via Jin
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