This Japanese player was in for a cruel surprise when they cast their pokéball that day.

A stunning video shared by Japanese twitter user @marippe_21, revealed an unexpected bug (awful pun definitely intended) in the popular game from Niantic that has horrified Pokémon Go players around the world.

It’s a pattern that’s become all too common. After the initial thrill of meeting all those familiar monsters in the wild, reality sets in. You turn off the game’s much-heralded AR function and stick with the prerendered background. You’re left shuffling around aimlessly through the city, a bleak wasteland overpopulated with flocks of Pidgeys, infested with Rattatas, and roving hoards of Doduos. “CP 15? Don’t waste my time!” you say. But admit it — you’ll catch them anyway. That’s how far you’ve fallen, just a husk of the bright-eyed youth that set out to be the very best.

Now, you’re reduced to catching whatever you can for an experience point or two or a couple pieces of candy. And then one of these cute little fellas appears!

▼ A “garden variety” Bulbasaur


“Finally! Something worth catching! Something (kind of) rare!” That’s probably what this unfortunate Pokémon Go player was thinking.

Rehearse the movement, toss the ball, revel in the satisfying rush of endorphins as the message proclaims “gotcha!”

But then the unthinkable happens, when… Well, just watch the video for yourself (wait for the final, chilling moments), and I’m sure all players of the game will understand.

“Why!? What kind of sick joke is this?” This is what I’m sure the player screamed as they tossed their phone onto the ground in disgust. For those faint-hearted viewers too frightened to watch to the end, what seemed to be a Bulbasaur revealed itself to be a mere Caterpie.

▼The sworn enemy of all serious Pokémon players.


Ah, well, whatever it takes to catch ’em all, right? And let’s be honest with ourselves, Caterpie is kind of cute.

Source: Jin115
Featured image: Twitter/@marippe_21
Screenshots: Niantic/Pokémon Go (taken by RocketNews24)