Pokemon Pokeball

With data for making the 3-D case available online, now everyone can get a little help with making the perfect throw.

Now that Pokémon Go players have well and truly eased themselves into the specifics of playing the augmented reality game, handy lifehacks to make gameplay easier are slowly beginning to emerge. Following our Japanese writing team’s hands-free “Poké-Han” invention, now there’s another handy device making headlines around Japan, and this one comes from an Australian Industrial Design student called Jon Cleaver. His interest in 3-D printing has led to the creation of the Pokéball Aimer, a case that’s designed to deliver the perfect throw so players can catch Pokémon with minimum effort and maximum ease.


To use the device, players simply slide their iPhone into the case, and once they spot a Pokémon on screen, all they have to do is run their finger along the opening in the middle section to perform a perfect throw to catch the creature.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.19.53 PM

The 3-D data to print your own Pokéball Aimer is currently available to download for free online at My Mini Factory. The shape of the case makes it compatible for use with the iPhone 6 only, and for players without access to a 3-D printer, Cleaver is selling the model through Etsy for 672 yen (US$6.31) each.

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People in Japan are intrigued by the new creation, sharing news about it on Twitter with comments like:

“This is great!”
“I really want to get one of these”
“Half the fun of the game is seeing if you can catch Pokémon with your throw, but this would be great for those times when it gets frustrating!”
“This looks weird. Won’t people laugh at you if they see you using this?”

The winning comment, however, has to go to Twitter user @mouri45, who came up with an ingenious way to perfect the throw without the need for any 3-D printing. All that’s needed is a couple of rubber bands.

After posting this tweet, @mouri45 presumably dropped the mic and left the building, off to catch ’em all with his perfect technique.

Source: ITMedia
Top Image: My Mini Factory/Jon Cleaver (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert Images: My Mini Factory/Jon Cleaver