Team Rocket’s blasting off again… to make the world a cleaner place!

Tsuruma Park in Nagoya has embraced its identity as one of the most important spots for Pokémon GO players in Japan, thanks to its Pokéball-shaped design when seen from above.

But with so many trainers coming to visit, some amount of litter is impossible to avoid. Who would you expect to come around to clean it? Ash and friends? A bunch of Grimers and Muks to eat it?

Nope. It’s someone you’d least expect: Team Rocket.

“A Team Rocket member picking up litter at Tsuruma Park,
the holy land for Pokémon.”

So what’s going on here? Is a member of the evil Team Rocket having a change of heart? Or was he caught trying to steal Pikachu and this is his punishment?

Japanese netizens had some ideas of their own:

“Don’t be fooled! He’s collecting garbage to recycle into a mecha!”
“Wait, so Team Rocket were the good guys this whole time?”
“Maybe it was just a slow day for stealing Pokémon.”
“Guys, come on. Team Rocket’s goal is to take over the world, right? They’re just cleaning it up so they don’t have to rule over an unclean Earth.”

Between Tsuruma Park and Nagoya University turning into a real-life gym, Nagoya seems like the Poké-place to be. And with Team Rocket there, it may also help explain why a certain stolen Pikachu strapped to a truck was heading to Nagoya in the first place.

Source: Twitter/K_syachiyu via Togech
Featured image: Twitter/K_syachiyu